Student Identity Verification Policy and Procedures



To protect the integrity of the school and its graduates, Sonoran Desert Institute requires that students validate their identity during the admissions process and throughout their program of study. This includes validating identity prior to admittance and completion of periodic proctored quizzes.


Proctored Assessments

SDI requires students to complete periodic proctored quizzes to protect the integrity of the school and its graduates. Students enrolled in the Certificate of Firearms Technology – Gunsmithing or Associate of Science in Firearms Technology programs will take up to four proctored quizzes throughout their studies. Courses with proctored quizzes are identified on the course homepage in the online classroom. You may contact your instructor with any questions.

SDI currently uses ProctorU, a unique service that allows online test-takers to complete quizzes at their scheduled convenience, while still ensuring quiz integrity for institutions. Test-takers can take quizzes in any secured area with internet access while utilizing almost any computer and webcam. If a student is unable to use a personal webcam for a proctored test with ProctorU, they are encouraged to seek out the use of a computer with webcam capability at a local library, community center, recreation center or a similar facility.

Details are provided within the relevant courses and scheduling may be done by clicking on the link within the course page or by visiting Please note that testing should be scheduled at least 72 hours prior to when the student would like to take the test to avoid additional fees. If a test is scheduled less than 72 hours from the desired test time, the student will be subject to fees paid directly to ProctorU. Those fees are currently $5 for appointments scheduled less than 72 hours in advance and $8.75 if the student is taking it “on-demand.”

Any technical questions you may have related to your proctored quiz can be addressed by calling ProctorU at (925) 273-7588.

Guidelines for Proctoring:

  • You must show your photo identification to the proctor.
  • You have 1 hour maximum for the test.
  • Details on what materials and resources you may use during your proctored test will be available when scheduled.
  • You may use one page (8.5 x 11, front and back) of handwritten notes.
  • Please review ProctorU’s Test Taker Handout before you attempt your quiz.
  • Your quiz must be taken in a private secluded area in order to be approved by ProctorU regulations.

Alternative in-person proctored quizzes can be arranged upon request. Contact your instructor for more information.