SDI Partners

Our partners generously offer many services and products at a discount to Sonoran Desert Institute students. As a result, these strategic associations directly benefit our students by enhancing their learning experience. And because this participation involves such well-respected industry leaders, our students gain the expertise they need to succeed in their chosen careers.

Check out our amazing partners and find out how they work with SDI below!


Resource Guide Partners

At Sonoran Desert Institute, we are committed to our students’ success by creating unique academic programs that add value to their lives. One of the innovative ways we accomplish this is by developing significant and relevant relationships with industry leaders. These collaborative partnerships are an essential part of our mission as well as a key to the resulting academic achievement of our students. What does that mean for our students? An ever-expanding network, and lots of tangible ways to reap the benefits of being part of the SDI family.


1776 United

We aim for the clothing we create to embody the many chapters of American history. Each shirt we print is a cotton reminder of who we are, where we live, and how proud we should be.


221B Tactical

221B is committed to providing quality products, to all first responder professions, that are durable and innovative at an affordable price.


Aklys Defense

The Greek Aklys is a devastating short Spear that is at the Apex of hand thrown weapons development. 



At Brownell’s, you’ll find over 85,000 products including unique gun parts, accessories, gunsmithing tools, ammunition and other products to maintain, repair, and upgrade your guns.



Clearent is a complete payment processor that leverages its proprietary payments platform to make doing business easier and more profitable for its sales partners. Our commitment to honesty and transparency has made us one of the most trusted companies in the payments industry.


Devil Dog Arms

Devil Dog Arms endeavors to honor the ethos of the American warfighters by embodying core values within our brand. Honor, courage, and commitment provide the bedrock on which we build our company. Our vision is perseverance.


DEZ Tactical Arms

DEZ Tactical Arms is a manufacturer of precision rifles and parts. Our focus is in military-style firearms, primarily the AR-15 and AR-308.



Family owned and operated hydrographic supply company. We supply the dip kits for the SDI modern finishes course.



DuraCoat Firearm Finishes offers the most extensive line of coatings designed specifically for the protection, restoration, and customization of firearms. If you can dream it, you can do it with DuraCoat.


Element Outdoors

At Element Outdoors we focus on Affordability, Quality, Function, and Customer Satisfaction. We’re not building a brand, were creating a lifestyle!


Elftmann Tactical

Elftmann Tactical manufactures triggers for the AR platform and their famous push type speed safety.


ESS (Eye Safety Systems, Inc.)

A Passion Fueled by Duty: At ESS, our unyielding passion is to make the toughest eyewear in the world.


EZ2C Targets

Family developed targets that provide high visibility for shooting. has helped more than 60,000 satisfied customers navigate Federal and State regulations to obtain their FFL License and Class 3 licenses with ease.


GPS Defense Sniper School

We combine our experience teaching military, law enforcement, and the best high-end private schools to provide the best courses and tactical shooting skills available anywhere.


Hard Corps Tactical and Combatives, LLC

Specializing in teaching weapons and hand-to-hand combative instruction for personal protection whether you are in law enforcement, military, or a responsibly armed citizen.


Head Down Products

Head Down products currently produce AR-15 and AR-10 rifles with completely billet aluminum receivers as well as HD custom shop Glock pistols.


High Tower Armory, LLC

The team at HTA focuses on providing customers with innovative, dependable, and American made products in an atmosphere completely permeated by the belief that the customer always comes first.


Independence Firearms Training LLC (dba Independence Training)

Independence Training is an emergency response and firearms training organization that provides real-world training to civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel.



JMT is the manufacturers of the JMT 80% Gen 2 AR-15 Lower Receiver and Jig along with 80% Polymer AR-10/.308 Receivers, made in the USA, of high strength composites and polymers.



KeyBar is a patented key organizer. It works like a multi-tool for your keys. KeyBar is a solution to wild and disorganized keys that are difficult to manage and make a lot of noise.


MadHouse Design

Madhouse Design is a gun accessory manufacturer based in Grants Pass, Oregon. Products include their patented Dual Sight System, high-performance Triple-port Muzzle Brakes and Xtreme Hybrid Compensators, simple and portable Precision Gun Rest, and their customizable Gun “Control” System for pistol storage almost anywhere. All proudly manufactured in the USA.


Markland Photography

We specialize in high end product photography, best representing your creation, documentary coverage of firearms training, instructors and courses, and only the best fitting models to properly speak for your products.


McMillan USA

Gale McMillan, founder of McMillan companies began producing fiberglass stocks on his kitchen table in 1973. Today McMillan has become one of the most respected brands in the firearms industry.


Mesa Kinetic Research LLC

Mesa Kinetic Research LLC specializes in long range precision tactical rifles as well as custom kalashnikov platforms.


Modern Spartan Industries Corporation

Modern Spartan Systems “Firearm OPTIMIZATION” formulas are perfect tools for GUNSMITHS & ARMORERS!


Moriarti Armaments

Moriarti is a licensed Gun Manufacturer and importer (FFL Type 7&8). “We are here with all your rifles, gun parts and accessories.”


Off Hand Gear

OffHand Gear is a line of USA Made sassy apparel and functional range bags designed by a woman shooter for women shooters.


Otis Technology

Otis Technology manufactures the most advanced, fun, cleaning systems and accessories in the world.


Polymer 80

Polymer80 is a premiere manufacturer of quality and durable 80% AR15 and .308 lower receivers.


Present Arms

Present Arms is a veteran-owned small business that provides professional firearm workstations. Our design strategy is focused on tools solutions that meet the needs of firearms users at all levels.


Quarter Circle 10, LLC

Quarter Circle 10 is an AR15 Pistol Caliber brand. Their lower receivers are made, not modified for the most popular semi-auto pistol magazines.


Reaper Solutions LLC

Reaper Lube and Reaper Clean work together to protect your firearms, increase the reliability and make maintenance easier.


Rockwell Tactical Group, LLC

Regardless of your age, gender or occupation, if you have a desire to improve your knowledge and skill in the use of firearms then our courses are for you!


SanTan Tactical

At San Tan Tactical we want to leave a proud legacy of American Made firearm design.


Sons of Liberty Gun Works

Sons of Liberty Gun Works was founded by two lifelong firearms enthusiasts and one US Navy SEAL, SOLGW was built on the principle of producing hard use, purpose built weapons for Americans in 2012.


Strongsuit Inc.

It’s so comfortable you can wear it all day long.


Tactical Hearing

TACTICAL HEARING is the innovative leader in micro custom high performance digital hearing protection and enhancement instruments.


Taurus Holdings Inc., Rossi USA, Heritage manufacturing Inc.

Headquartered in Miami, Taurus Holdings, Inc. owns or represents some of the most recognized and valued brands worldwide, including Taurus®, Rossi®, and Heritage™.


Target Telemetrics

Target Telemetrics (TT) offers high-tech image analysis for Shotgun Patterning or Rifle/Handgun Group Analysis with Full-Featured apps for PC/MAC platforms. As well as versions “Lite” iPhone and iPad (Android coming soon).


United Armory

United Armory specializes in high quality AR-15 parts and AR-15 accessories at affordable prices.


Urban Carry Holsters

Urban Carry Holsters is a deep concealment below the waistband holster.


Vortex Optics

Offering you the finest in rugged optics comes about by paying attention to detail in every aspect of our business. We are fanatics about doing things right.


Xtech Tactical LLC

Xtech Tactical is an innovative firearms accessories manufacturer based in Mesa, Arizona.


Zev Technologies Inc.

Zev Technologies is the industry leader in high performance aftermarket Glock accessories.