Requirements and Application

Paul Jackson served in Bravo Co, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment during WWII. As a paratrooper, Mr. Jackson made the jump into Normandy during Operation Overlord, the jump into Holland during Operation Market Garden, and was wounded on 12 January 1945 in Bastogne, Belgium.

In honor of Mr. Jackson’s sacrifice, SDI is proud to present the semi-annual Paul Jackson First Responder Memorial Scholarship. The annual scholarship provides full tuition and fees each semester to two recipients, one in the fall and one in the spring.

Initial Eligibility Requirements

The Paul Jackson First Responder Memorial Scholarship is a full academic scholarship for SDI’s Associate of Science in Firearms Technology degree program. Students that area awarded an SDI scholarship while already attending SDI are responsible for the charges applied through the current semester. The SDI Scholarship will be applied at the beginning of the next semester following the date the scholarship is awarded. All applicants must:

  • Currently be serving in, or be retired from, the armed forces.
  • Currently be serving in, or be retired from, law enforcement.
  • Currently be serving as or be a retired firefighter; or currently be serving as or be a retired emergency medical technician.
  • Be in good standing or have received an honorable release from their branch of service or field.
  • Provide documentation verifying service.
  • Submit a DD214 if post-military service.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to, and passion for, the firearms industry and gunsmithing trade by answering essay questions.
  • Submit a regular SDI application for enrollment, with all relevant supporting documentation.
  • Provide a letter of recommendation sent directly to the school by the individual providing the recommendation. The letter may come from a commander or director if still serving or from a non-family member for retired applicants.
  • Begin studies at SDI within six months following the award of the scholarship.

Continuing Eligibility

  • Recipients must meet SDI’s Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements and be free of any financial holds on their accounts.
  • Recipients must be continuously enrolled to retain scholarship eligibility.


Applicants must complete the Paul Jackson First Responder Memorial Scholarship application in its entirety, including essay, by the deadline dates described below. Remit any supplemental documents to


To be considered for the award, SDI must be in receipt of all application documentation as noted above by the following deadlines:

  • By midnight Mountain Standard Time on December 1 for the spring award
  • By midnight Mountain Standard Time on June 1 for the fall award

Evaluation Process

Applicants will be reviewed by a Scholarship Committee. The selected recipient will be identified based on a combination of factors, including:

  • Essay Score
  • Letter of recommendation

Award Procedures

Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision approximately 30 days after the scholarship application deadline. The chosen recipient must respond within 30 days indicating their intent to accept the scholarship. Students that are awarded a scholarship are responsible for the charges for any current or prior semesters. The SDI scholarship will be awarded at the start of the next full semester following the approval date.