SDI Graduate Feature: Todd Hyatt of Glock, Inc.

  • Joey Upper

Todd Hyatt’s fit with Sonoran Desert Institute was quick and easy – his natural aptitude and past experience in the realm of firearms made SDI a natural choice. 

He’s worked with firearms in some capacity or another for decades. 

“What sparked my interest in gunsmithing?” Todd repeated when asked. 

“There were several things, actually. First, growing up I always went shooting with my father and I also would help clean them (the firearms used) afterwards. I joined the Army right out of high school, and I enjoyed shooting firearms.” 

Hyatt served our country in the United States Army. Upon the completion of his Army career, he found that there was a school that could help him get where he wanted to go, funnily enough, on YouTube. 

“Upon retirement from the Army, I was enjoying (the) retired life, and wondered what was next,” Hyatt said. “I was watching a YouTube video of Hickok45, and he mentioned SDI, and I thought:  ‘I love guns and fixing things!’ So it was a win-win for me.”

Todd found that SDI was able to meet him where he was and included experiences that he just couldn’t pass up. 

“Why I chose SDI was really easy: It was accredited and I could use my GI Bill to pay for the (classes), and there was a capstone project that included a rifle or pistol,” he said simply. 

His time studying with SDI, along with his experience serving our country, helped enable him to get a job with a little company some of our readers might be familiar with: 

Glock Inc.

“Removal (in his classes) … as well as some metal work regarding smoothing slides has helped me with my job as a warranty armorer at Glock Inc.,” he said, regarding which skills he uses at his current job.

Hyatt has the heart of a gunsmith. As SDI has seen so often with our graduates, Hyatt has a passion for taking on challenges. 

“The best part of my job is solving problems, whether it is shooter or pistol related,” he said. 

“I like to get to the why the gun is messing up and figure out a solution. However, most issues I have seen while at Glock are shooter related,” he noted. 

Glock Inc.’s reputation isn’t for nothing. 

As for Hyatt’s challenges – he says he’s not done yet. He wants to push forward to a bachelor’s degree and progress up the Glock ladder. 

“My goals with work include becoming the Senior Armorer, Trainer, Supervisor and eventually head of the Warranty and Tech Services Department at Glock.”

Good luck, Todd! We’re rooting for you.