SDI Graduate Feature: Brianna Phillips of Full Spectrum Enterprises

  • Joey Upper

Brianna Phillips and her husband are both veterans of the United States armed forces. Their firearms business, Full Spectrum Enterprises, has been wildly successful. Brianna is more than a successful businesswoman, though. 

She’s also a Distance Education Accrediting Commission outstanding graduate, based on her time with Sonoran Desert Institute, and longtime friend of the school. 

Her experience with firearms didn’t start with us or the Army, however. When asked where her love for firearms originated, she responded simply:

“My dad.”

“Growing up,” she continued, “we would go out together shooting on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land. However, my husband really roped me into the world of firearms. Both of us having military backgrounds of course added to that interest, but my husband’s desire to educate the community helped me move towards this industry.”

That made SDI a natural fit, even if she didn’t know it yet. 

A year after exiting the armed forces, Brianna and her husband started talking about taking the exciting – and often frightening – leap of starting their own firearms business. 

“We started Full Spectrum after my husband and I started talking about what he would like to do after he retired from the Army,” Phillips said. 

“He has a lot of experience and interest with firearms and firearms training, which he wanted to be able to provide to the American people. Now, FSE has become so much more than we ever expected it to be. We hope to offer more training classes in the future while still maintaining our Cerakote applicator status and manufacturing our custom AR-15 rifles. One day, we look forward to being able to open more locations around the state of Wyoming and possibly even other states.”

She still wasn’t sure that continuing an education was something she was going to pursue.

“Even after we started Full Spectrum, I still had not decided that I was going to go to school for firearms,” she recalled. 

Fortunately for SDI, our school was put on her radar by a friend of hers, and we were the right institution for her at the right time. 

“I had a friend in the Army who had just started the gunsmith program at SDI when we were in the beginning stages of development for our business,” she said. 

“He was talking about a school that he would be able to get his (Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate) at and would receive everything he needed. After talking to him more and inquiring for more information, I decided to take the chance!”

She made the brave decision to hop on board with SDI, and she hasn’t looked back. Her ability as a student and her sticktoitiveness made her a name that will always be remembered at SDI. 

It would appear that the sentiment is mutual.

“The individuals who work at and for SDI were amazing! While attending SDI, I was able to meet a few of the instructors, the chairman, and a few of the department liaisons. The relationships I was able to build over the course of my time at SDI will forever be cherished,” she said. 

According to Phillips, her craft is informed by what she learned from SDI on a day-to-day basis.

“My career is based on the information I received from SDI,” said Brianna. “My business would not have blossomed as much as it has without continuing my studies at SDI and improving the knowledge I had about firearms.”

Brianna Phillips’ enjoyment she took from her experience from SDI is not only a credit to our school and those who interacted with her during our time together, but Brianna’s willingness to dig in, engage with our curriculum and faculty, and produce an academic career that’s assisted her with her firearms career. 

Brianna, we are so proud of you!