As a Sonoran Desert Institute student, you have access to discounts offered by some of our partners, as listed in our SDI Student Resource Guide.

Listed below are firearms industry partners who recognize the hard work of our SDI students. Each listing gives a company description, discount offering, and a link to the company website. Follow the guidance of the discount to take advantage of their offers!


Aklys Defense Attending to every detail, we craft gear that creates the perfect marriage of form and function. We build unique and interesting firearms that are easy on the eyes and fun to shoot. We are the innovators of the modular shotgun suppressor, the KSG-SS, the creators of the world's first modular monocore suppressor, the Pilum M, and we strive to make the simplest and most effective silencers available. 10% off. Call 225.448.3167 to verify your enrollment and place an order.
Brownells For over 75 years, shooters, professional gunsmiths, hobbyists, military/law enforcement, armorers, and gun tinkerers have turned to Brownells for the high-quality gun parts and supplies they need. Discounts vary. Call 800.741.0015 to verify your enrollment and set up your student account.
Cerus Gear Cerus Gear specializes in creating innovative systems that promote gun safety, skill building, and gun maintenance. We believe that a clean gun is a safe and accurate gun. We offer gun cleaning accessories, tools, bench mats (printed with field strip instructions and schematics), and a large variety of paper targets (shooting games, skill builders and novelty). 15% off retail pricing on all Cerus Products and an option to become a wholesale dealer. Email for more information.
Clenzoil Unlimited, LLC Clenzoil is a veteran-founded, veteran-owned company that has manufactured a world class cleaner, lubricant, and protectant product since 1948. 20% off and complimentary shipping when ordering online using offer code: SONORAN.
DEZ Tactical Arms DEZ Tactical Arms is a manufacturer of precision rifles and parts. All of their firearms are assembled, tested, and certified in-house. 10% off. Email to verify your enrollment, and an offer code will be provided to you.
Dip 123 Hydrographics Find superior quality hydrographic film from the pros. Order from over 300 patterns or get a custom print to fit your needs. 10% off supplies. Email to verify your enrollment and place an order.
Do-All Outdoors, LLC Do-All Outdoors, LLC takes pride in providing affordable, durable, and reliable clay target throwers, targeting systems, and master-crafted outdoor accessories. Their products include a full line of clay target launchers, steel and self-healing targets, and multiple accessories for the outdoor sports and hunting enthusiest. 30% off when ordering online using offer code: SDIDAO.
DuraCoat DuraCoat Firearm Finishes offers the most extensive line of coatings designed specifically for the protection, restoration, and customization of firearms. If you can dream it, you can do it with DuraCoat. 20% off DuraCoat Family of Coatings. Call 225.448.3167 to verify your enrollment and place an order.
Element Outdoors In 2014, Element Outdoors set out to enhance the camouflage clothing industry and create a new way to conceal people in the outdoors. We focus on affordability, quality, function, and customer satisfaction. 50% off MSRP on all Element Outdoor apparel when ordering online using offer code: SDI50.
Elftmann Tactical Elftmann Tactical manufactures high performance drop-in triggers for AR-15 and AR-10 rifles in addition to other innovative firearms accessories. 20% off MSRP on all Elftmann products. Verify your enrollment by submitting a Contact Form (make sure to include “attn: Steve Watts” in the subject). The Contact Form can be found here: has helped more than 60,000 satisfied customers navigate federal and state regulations to obtain their FFL license and Class 3 licenses with ease. Buy your exclusive FFL123 License Guide for $39.99 and get an upgrade to also include your Class 3 guide when ordering online using offer code: SDISTUDENT.
Independence Firearms Training LLC We offer basic to advanced firearms training, emergency medical courses, outdoor survival programs, and defensive tactics/combative classes to civilans, law enforcement, and military personnel. 10% off all open-enrollment Training Courses. Email to verify completion of any SDI program and enroll into an independence training course.
James Madison Tactical, LLC JMT is the manufacturers of the JMT 80% Gen 2 AR-15 Lower Receiver and Jig along with 80% Ploymer AR-10/.308 Receivers, made in the USA, of high strength composites and polymers. Now we also manufacture the Saber single stage drop in trigger. 10% off AR-15 Lower/Jig kits. Call 509.392.7500 to verify your enrollment and place order.
KeyBar KeyBar is a patented key organizer. It works like a multi-tool for your keys. A KeyBar will stop the noise, kill the clutter, and consolidate your keys. Just load your keys and organize them just as you want them. 10% off when ordering online using offer code: SDI10.
McMillan USA Today, McMillan has become one of the most respected brands in the firearms industry. While the company has expanded its product line and is known throughout the world, the core of the McMillan’s business philosophy—quality products, exceptional customer service and a commitment to the growth of the firearms industry-remains the same. 20% off. Email your student info to and request for an order form. Email your completed form back to along with your credit card information (number, exp. date, ccv code), billing address, and mailing address. Your order form and billing information will, then, be sent onto McMillian. Your order will be shipped to SDI and SDI will forward your shipment to you.
Mesa Kinetic Research LLC Mesa Kinetic Research LLC specializes in long-range precision tactical rifles as well as custom Kalashnikov platforms. In addition to building firearms, we offer consulting and training services to interested parties seeking solutions throughout the industry. $100 off any Mesa Kinetic Research hosted build class. Limit one per student or graduate. 10% off in-store non-firearm purchases at our Khyber Pass Tactical retail location (for current students only). Call or email to verify your enrollment prior to enrolling in one of Mesa Kinectic Research’s build classes.
Modern Spartan Industries Corporation Modern Spartan Systems specializes in high-performance firearms lubricants, cleaning products, and accuracy products. Our products are proven to increase accuracy, to optimize the reliability of your firearm, and to reduce cleaning time by up to 75%. Dealer pricing. Contact Marcus at 847.669.1640 or info@ to verify your enrollment and place an order.
Moriarti Armaments Moriarti is a licensed Gun Manufacturer and importer (FFL Type 7&8). "We are here with all your rifles, gun parts and accessories". 5% off Moriarti Armaments products when ordering online using offer code: thanks
NFused Weapon Cleaner and Lubricant NFUSED Weapons Cleaner is water-based with a corrosion inhibitor and without that solvent smell. NFUSED Weapons Lubricant also has a corrosion inhibitor that seals and conditions the heated metal, leaving a surface that reduces heat, improves performance, and reduces jamming. 25% OFF when you order online using offer code: SDI25.
OffHand Gear OffHand Gear is a line of USA Made sassy apparel and functional range bags designed by a woman shooter for women shooters. Check out the NORB bag! The NORB bag strap sits on the woman's shoulder, therefore distributing the weight of the bag better and keeping your cross hand free and available. 10% off (hand guards included) when ordering online using offer code: SDI17
Otis Technology Otis Technology manufactures the most advanced gun cleaning systems and accessories in the world. 40% off MSRP (for up to $300 per year) when ordering online or by phone at 1-800-OTISGUN and using offer code: SDI40.
Polymer 80 Polymer80 is a premiere manufacturer of quality and durable 80% AR-15 and .308 lower receivers. 10% off when ordering online. Email to verify your enrollment, and an offer code will be provided to you.
Present Arms Inc. Present Arms is a veteran-owned small business that provides professional firearm workstations. 20% off when ordering online or by phone at 413.575.4656 using offer code: SD20.
Quarter Circle 10, LLC Quarter Circle 10 is an AR-15 pistol caliber brand. Their lower receivers are made—not modified—for the most popular semi-auto pistol magazines. 10% off. Email to verify your enrollment and an offer code will be provided.
Ryker USA, Inc The Ryker Grip™ was originally conceived to enable people with shoulder injuries to continue to shoot effectively by optimizing and enhancing shooting ergonomics. By working closely with their key contacts, the Ryker Team was able to implement a robust testing and development program, working directly with some of the best shooters in the world as well as medical doctors with Special Operations experience. Through this rigorous process, the Ryker Team discovered that there was more to the Ryker Grip™ than simply a new grip. 10% off when ordering online using offer code: discount/SDI10.
Sons of Liberty Gun Works Sons of Liberty Gun Works builds hard-use M4 and MK10 rifles, designed to be used, not sit in a safe. Our rifles are assembled and test fired in our shop and carry a 100% Lifetime Warranty. 10% off total. Create an account on the SOLGW website, verify your enrollment with the POC provided to you, and request to have your account switched to discounted pricing.
Strategic Armory Corps (SAC) Strategic Armory Corps proudly owns and manufacturers five premium brands: Armalite, Surgeon Rifles, McMillan Firearms, AWC Suppressors, and Nexus Ammunition. 10% off Armalite line. 10% off Nexus Ammunition. 7% off Surgeon rifles. Armalite DEF-15F rifle for $608.00 (MSRP 799.00). Eagle Arms15EAMFT rifle for $525.00 (MSRP 649.99) when ordering online using offer code: SDI2018.
Strike Force Energy Strike Force Energy is the veteran-owned, American-made beverage enhancer. This zero calorie, zero sugar liquid mixes into any food or beverage, i.e. water, tea, yogurt, etc., and provides all the energy without any jitters or the crash normally associated with other energy beverage products. 20% off when ordering online using offer code: SDI20.
Taurus Holdings Inc. Rossi USA Heritage manufacturing Inc." Known as an innovator within the firearms industry, Taurus Holdings is a leader offering quality and value-packed firearms to the United States and Canada. Up to 30% off parts and accessories. Call 801.822.6888 to verify your enrollment and receive your special customer number for ordering.
Tetra Gun Care Tetra Gun Care are inventors of full-synthetic fluoropolymer firearm lubricants, full-line solvents and accessories for professional gun care. 10% off when ordering online using offer code: SDI2017 (Discounted purchases are charged a $5.95 flat rate for shipping)
VIKTOS LLC VIKTØS is a family run business, launched in the fall of 2017 by a combined force of industry and military veterans. It is our mission to produce innovative gear for the tactical user. 15% off entire purchase when ordering online. Email to verify your enrollment and your individual offer code will be provided to you.
Vortex Optics Offering you the finest in rugged optics comes about by paying attention to detail in every aspect of our business. We are fanatics about doing things right. 40% off. Email with your SDI email. Vortex will contact you and help you to set up an account to process your order.
Zev Technologies Inc. Zev Technologies is the industry leader in high performance, aftermarket Glock accessories. All of our products are born with design, feel, and performance in mind, to help the end user create the ultimate Glock experience. 10% off when ordering online using offer code: SDI-10.