Student Code of Conduct

A student enrolled at Sonoran Desert Institute has certain responsibilities toward fellow students and the Institute. The student is expected to fulfill those responsibilities by following the SDI Student Code of Conduct for the duration of his/her enrollment. A student’s failure to adhere to one or more of the statements outlined below may be grounds for disciplinary action and/or dismissal from the Institute.

    1. The student’s qualifications and background for admission to the Institute will be presented truthfully and accurately.
    2. The student’s attitude and conduct will be positive, professional, courteous and respectful in all interactions (direct, written, or electronic) with the Institute’s staff, faculty, and other students.

    3. Students and employees are prohibited to unlawfully possess, use, or distribute illicit drugs and alcohol on the Institute’s premises or as part of any academic activities. The student will observe all Institute policies in addition to rules on submitting work, taking examinations, participating in online discussions, and conducting research.

    4. The student will only turn in work that is his/her own and not present another person’s ideas or academic works as his/her own.

    5. The student must never ask for, receive, or give unauthorized help to others on graded assignments, quizzes, and examinations.

    6. The student will protect the content of questions and the answers to quizzes and exams from disclosure to fellow students or any unauthorized persons.

    7. The student will never improperly use, destroy, forge, or alter his/her documents, transcripts, or other records from the Institute.

    8. The student will protect the confidentiality of his/her online username and password and will safeguard both of these from disclosure to others. SDI representatives will never ask for the student’s username or password.

    9. The student will report to the Institute any evidence of cheating, plagiarism, or improper conduct on the part of any student of the Institute when he/she has direct knowledge of these activities.

    10. The student will always report any violations of this Code of Conduct to the appropriate Institute official.

In addition, due to the distance learning provided by SDI and the need for the integrity of the Institute’s computer systems and curriculum, students will adhere to the following technology code of conduct:

    1. The student will respect the privacy of all other students.

    2. The student will respect the integrity of the Institute’s computer systems.

    3. The student will protect his/her computer, including all other technology devices, so he/she will not knowingly distribute computer viruses of any kind.

    4. The student will protect SDI and other students from intentional harm or loss due to malware or attempts to access or compromise computer systems at any time.


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