Sonoran Desert Institute ensures each student displays a mastery of the knowledge and skills required for the student’s selected coursework. In order for SDI to accomplish this, SDI must gauge the progress of the student. One of the measures SDI uses is the scoring of the student’s academic activities from the coursework taken at the Institute. Grades from these academic assessments within each course are combined to reflect a final course score, which is recorded in the student’s official grade record.

Students requiring grade verification may request a progressive transcript at any point during a program of study from the Student Services Department. Official transcripts will be issued to students when they have met the requirements for program completion. Additional official transcripts may be requested by students as needed. Transcripts will only be released to students in good financial standing with the Institute.

Grade Scale

Grade Percentage Grade Points Description
A+ 97-100 4.0 Pass
A 92-96 3.9 Pass
A- 90-91 3.7 Pass
B+ 86-89 3.5 Pass
B 82-85 3.3 Pass
B- 80-81 3.0 Pass
C+ 76-79 2.5 Pass
C 72-75 2.3 Pass
C- 70-71 2.0 Pass
F Below 70 0.0 Fail
PASS Above 70 n/a Pass
W N/A N/A Withdrawal
WF N/A 0.0 Withdrawal Failing
I N/A N/A Incomplete

Withdrawals & Incomplete Grades

W – Course Withdrawals will be treated as credits attempted but not earned for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) purposes.

I – Incomplete Grades

Incomplete grades may be granted for extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from completing the necessary coursework. The request must be submitted by the end date of the course before grades are posted. Student must have demonstrated active participation through at least the 75% point in the course and be earning a passing grade.

If an approval is granted, an appropriate timeframe for submission of the additional work will be determined on a case-by case basis, not to extend beyond one week after the course end date. The VA certification period will not be extended for the duration of the incomplete grade; however, if the student begins a new term, students will be accountable for participation in the subsequent semester coursework while completing work for any course with an incomplete grade. Incompletes will not be used in the SAP evaluation until a final grade is entered. 


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