Academic Integrity Violations

Academic integrity is a vital part of Sonoran Desert Institute’s foundation, and every member of the SDI community is expected to adhere to this principle in all academic endeavors. Students consent to a review for academic integrity by a third party of any academic work submitted. The following is a non-exhaustive list of actions that are considered academic integrity violations:

  • Cheating, attempting to cheat, or assisting others to cheat, including dishonest activity or unauthorized use of any resource or materials in any academic exercise.
  • Plagiarizing, intentionally or unintentionally, the words, works, or ideas of others without proper citation or acknowledgement and representing them as one’s own in any academic exercise.
  • Paraphrasing sources which do not represent the student’s original words or ideas without proper citation or acknowledgement.
  • Creating fake or misleading citations for sources.
  • Presenting work that has been prepared by someone other than the student, including the purchase and sharing of work.
  • Allowing another person to complete work on one’s behalf, including any classroom post, assignment, lab project, quiz, test, exam, or similar evaluation, or completing such work on behalf of another student.
  • Submitting work that has been prepared and used for a different course, wholly or in part, without prior approval of faculty.
  • Completing an assignment using materials not authorized by faculty or the Institute, or materials provided by someone other than the student, including but not limited to providing/receiving exam answers, using faculty materials, answer keys, or solution manuals.
  • Collaborating with another person on any academic exercise without prior faculty approval.

The Institute reserves the right to review any course for any purpose at any time. If unreported/undiscovered academic dishonesty is found, the Institute may engage in a thorough investigation of all coursework the student has completed in the past and apply appropriate sanctions up to and including dismissal.

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