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School of
Firearms Technology

Currently, The School of Firearms Technology offers an Associate of Science in Firearms Technology degree program, an Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate, a Gunsmithing Certificate, a Ballistics and Reloading Certificate, and multiple Optional Courses, including an AR-15 Advanced Armorer course, 1911 Advanced Armorer Course and an AR-10 Advanced Armorer course.

SDI's 32 semester-credit hour certificate program in Gunsmithing and 60 credit hour Associate of Science in Firearms Technology degree program can work hand-in-hand, and are the most complete training programs of their kind. SDI strives to give you the best quantity and quality of professional Gunsmithing information and tools. These programs are perfect for students interested in a career in the firearms industry or for those who are interested in owning their own gunsmithing business. Our programs are delivered via distance learning, which allows our students to maintain full time jobs, families, military service and more while working towards their degree or certificate.

Additionally, we offer a comprehensive, non-credit Gunsmithing Certificate, perfect for the hobbyist or student interested in a supplemental gunsmithing trade. This program takes the major topics of our Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate, offered in a quick, manageable and affordable format. Learn techniques you'll use on your own firearms or develop your hobby into a side business, all at your own pace.

Our unique Ballistics and Reloading Certificate offers an advanced look into ballistics, reloading, swaging, casting and more.  In addition to content developed through a partnership between SDI and industry leader Gun Digest, the Ballistics & Reloading program includes a Hornady Lock n Load Press.

Plus, SDI continues to place its students at the forefront of technology by offering unique armorer courses, which can be taken by themselves or as part of our Associate of Science in Fireaerms Technology Degree program or our Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate program.  Available courses include the AR-15 Advanced Armorer Course, AR-10 Advanced Armorer Course, and the 1911 Advanced Armorer Course--all of which include a full builds as part of the extensive lessons and training within each course's curriculum.

All of these programs and courses are truly unique ways to go above and beyond with your firearms education.  Click on the links in the box on this page to find out more about each of our course offerings, including tuition info, course outlines and more. We would love to have you as a student and look forward to helping you turn your passion for firearms into a successful career!


 School of Firearms Technology:

Associate of Science in Firearms Technology Degree
Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate
Gunsmithing Certificate
Ballistics and Reloading Certificate
AR-15 Advanced Armorer Course
AR-10 Advanced Armorer Course
1911 Advanced Armorer Course





























































Why SDI?

The Sonoran Desert Institute mission is – “adding value to our students’ lives by providing innovative, relevant and
applicable workplace-driven education through distance-delivered instruction.”

We are committed to your success – whether you are actively seeking employment, or simply honing your personal, technical skills.


Since 2004, the Sonoran Desert Institute has been accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. The Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency.


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