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SDI faculty bring years of industry-specific experience to the student experience. We understand that it can be difficult to connect with instructors at some online programs, and we work hard to make this process as individualized as possible. That means that our instructors are not only experienced, but they’re also more than well-versed in the SDI curriculum specifically. We are proud of our faculty and staff and aim to offer each of our students an easy way to get the help they need throughout their entire tenure as a member of the SDI family.

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It’s something that I definitely am glad I was able to experience. They’re gonna get you ready for things that you wouldn’t think that you would even want to take on or aspects of the industry that you normally wouldn’t even have thought of doing. It’s a good experience. And if you want to be a gunsmith and it’s a field that you want to get into, it’s an invaluable tool that I don’t even think you should cut out.

Zach Brokaw2022 SDI Associate of Science in Firearms Technology Degree Graduate


SDI offers the following programs designed to help you reach your goals, no matter where you are in your career. We welcome students from all stages of life, from recent high school graduates to military veterans. SDI equips all students with the skills they need to pursue a career in firearms technology.


60 Credits / Four 16-Week Semesters Explore Program


32 Credits / Two 16-Week Semesters Explore Program

Certificate in Unmanned Technology – Aerial Systems

16 Credits / One 16-Week Semester Explore Program

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